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It's SHOWTIME! Come join the RYDE this spring and watch your child shine on stage while exploring the art form of dance.

Virtually Meet our dedicated and passionate dance instructors, as they talk about their plans for your child's dance journey during this 6th season of RYDE!

We will also give you a virtual tour of our new dance studio and afterschool academy, while introducing you to our new teachers, who will be offering new classes this spring.

We will also discuss our returning adult fitness dance classes, facility usage for special events, and our customized birthday party packages.

For a complete listing of our spring 2021 dance schedule, please go to our website and register today.

We hope you and your family stays safe and well throughout this Holiday season!

*RYDE is hosting two virtual open house dates online. Both will be livestreams through Facebook live (in our private groups) and Zoom. You must registered for the open house to attend. Once you have registered, you will receive an invitation.

These two events will be for parents/students who are interested in enrolling in dance classes and our afterschool program the spring 2021 dance classes with RYDE.

 It’s a word you’ve likely heard. Its meaning and impact largely depend on what your family earns. The word is gentrification.

Oxford defines it as the process of renovating and improving a house or district so that it conforms to middle-class taste. Dozens of examples can be spotted throughout Knoxville, especially on the east side of the city.

A brief online search offered an example: On Zillow, one home on Selma Avenue is listed for $174,900. The site says it was sold in May for $50,000.

Nikitia Thompson, who was born and raised in East Knoxville, sees good and bad in urban revitalization.

“You have the ones that want to stay here that have been here two, and three, and four generations, that now may have to move out and they can’t afford to live here,” Thompson said. That’s the bad.

The Community Development Administrator for the City of Knoxville, Linda Rust, also sees the problem.

Knoxville City Council members are ready to go to bat for the formation of a joint sports authority.

Establishing the group is the first municipal step to securing a new baseball stadium in the Old City pitched by Tennessee Smokies owner Randy Boyd. The sports authority would allow sales taxes generated by the facility – 7% on items like tickets, concessions and merchandise – to be funneled back to the city and county to pay off debt to construct the stadium.


Tune in now to the Community Connect: A Discussion with Black Community Leaders hosted by and featuring Black community leaders.

Watch below to hear from Latasha Morrison of

Be the Bridge

, Marquita Thomas of

Black Lesbians

, Curtis Webster Jr. of

Dads Married to Doctors Group (DMD)

and Mirna Valerio of


as they host an open conversation on race, their perspective on recent events around racial injustice, and how they think online communities can help pave the path forward.

Drop your questions below in the next hour as we’ll be responding throughout with a written Q&A in the comments.

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There were prayers. Joy. Hope. More prayers. A vote. And then tears, lots of tears.

By the time Tuesday night's Knoxville City Council meeting was over, Vice Mayor Gwen McKenzie had guided her milestone resolution to a unanimous vote approving an apology and making amends for decades of urban removal that deeply harmed the city's Black communities.

To make meaningful amends, the city committed to a funding plan of $100 million, paid largely through grants that must be secured, over the next seven years for those whose lives and livelihoods were disrupted.

Moments after the vote, McKenzie, through tears and with a quaking voice, thanked her colleagues for realizing the time for such a movement was now.

Gwen is a member of the Knoxville Links, Incorporated and Town Hall East. She currently serves on the Knoxville Area Urban League Board and Metropolitan Knoxville Airport Authority Board of Commissioners.  She is a former board member of Knoxville Botanical Gardens, Girl Talk, Inc., and Tanasi Girl Scout Council. 

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