How Artificial Intelligence Works For Beginners

Although AI is all the rage and being seen and utilized everywhere most people including me are hard-pressed to fully explain what exactly AI is, how it works and what’s its future in the marketing world? I’m involved with a company named Royaltie which is a tech company that has recently made the move to artificial intelligence marketing.

Before you sell something it’s a good idea to know how to explain what you’re selling and using, nothing beats product knowledge, here I’ll attempt to explain what exactly AI is in layman terms.

Essentially AI is machine learning to the max, AI seeks to anticipate the buyer’s next move in any given market by learning the buyer’s habits. Big box stores have been using AI technology for years, case in point. You go to a store or stores and when you get home you get a notification or text asking how your shopping experience was at a given store, your first question is, how did they know I was in the store and what I bought?

Although a high % of people have heard of AI not many know exactly what it is or how it works, the good news for us marketers is that AI is not a passing fad, it’s here to stay. Our company has found a way to use AI to our advantage with our marketing, they’ve found a way to leverage this technology at a very affordable price.

While I can’t fully explain the technology I can attest that it works, I’ve seen a great advantage in my marketing since they’ve added so many new sections to our back office. The back office is so simple to use that even the greenest beginner can figure it out in no time flat. Not like some marketing platforms I’ve used that you need an engineering degree to figure out, we also have amazing training units as well. You’re never alone here at Royaltie.

AI seems to be able to work with a ton of data with blinding speed, things that took me hours or half a day to do now only take minutes, AI recognizes consumer trends and the more information you feed it the more it learns your personal style and content needs, it's amazing.

AI assists you with recognizing a customer’s past behavior thereby helping you with more conversions since you can now predict buying behavior better. Our AI back office also helps us have a better time frame of when to send emails from our list we also have a powerful built-in auto-responder as well.

So the answer to the question about what AI is, it’s machine learning at its best to calculate the new business algorithms for social media as well. Let’s eliminate the pressed for time stressful work environment we find ourselves in and make life easier for ourselves.

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