How To Create Wordpress Blogs For Beginners

If you’re reading this post and you’re a total beginner in online marketing as a whole including creating blogs you’ll want to read this whole blog, below are a few tips and tricks that I used to get me through the beginning blog writing phase.

At some point, you’ll want to branch out and create your own copy and text, copy and paste from a replicated site is fine for a short period however after a while you’ll see that you sound like a million other beginners in your same niche regurgitating the exact same text.

Consumers are getting smarter and smarter on a daily basis and after a while, they’ll figure out that your message is canned and that you sound just like everyone else trying to sell the exact same thing. How do you separate yourself from the herd and sound original you ask?

You’ll have to get your feet wet by writing off the top of your head, it doesn’t have to be a long blog, you can start with a sentence, move up to a paragraph then graduate to a short post, you’ll soon find out that while it’s not easy to write something new every day that just like anything else, it gets better with practice.

I strongly suggest you stop by YouTube and learn the basics of WordPress blogs, start a free one, then when you feel comfortable to get a hosting account and create your own paid-for WordPress blog so that all the traffic is yours, not WordPress’s.

If you need any assistance feel free to contact me anytime for some basic direction.

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