Mixing Race, Religion & Politics With Business

I have just 4 words for this fatal mistake, JUST DON’T DO IT. It’s not worth the headache trust me on this because I had to learn the hard way and it was one of the most painful lessons I’ve ever learned in my life.

We all have our personal views on politics, race, and religion however if you mix them you’ll soon find that your numbers will literally fall off a cliff, you have no clue how important this is when you’re trying to sell a product or service. The drama it causes is unreal.

People have the right to spend their hard-earned money with whom they please and your political, racial and religious views stick out like a neon billboard sign on the highway.

The strange part is that you’ll be the last to know when people cut you off like a faucet. You have no idea how many people who are friends and family who would like to do business with you stop dead in their tracks when they see your political, racial or religious post that doesn’t align with their idea on a subject.

Some people get downright offended and UNfriend you and you’ll never know it, they’ll just stop showing up in your feed, then the word gets out like wildfire among both of your friends and family to read your posts and its a wrap, you’re dead in the water.

This year I made a vow to NEVER mix these 4 things, I love my friends and family and this decision goes far beyond selling, my thought does matter and we must admit that some of our beliefs can be out there. The real issue is that some things are better kept to yourself because the internet is FOREVER.

This is just a suggestion and I’m not judgin, I’m just sayin, either do one or the other but you can’t do both and expect to be successful in selling your product or service. If you take a look at all the successful people you won’t see their personal feelings on these subjects.

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