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We live in a world so fast-paced today that what worked last month could be out of date and favor this month. Digital marketing and artificial intelligence marketing is moving at blinding speed and if you don’t or can’t keep up you could be lost in the crowd.

Below are a few tips and tricks that I’ve learned and noticed to assist you in keeping up in this fast-paced world of marketing we live in:

Ideas: Ideas are a dime a dozen, the trick to having an idea is that you have to make a few power moves to implement your idea. A million people may have the same idea you do about a product or service you have on your mind, what are you going to do about it besides stroke it in your brain until you see it online or in a commercial?

A Plan: All ideas begin with a plan, how do you intend to market your idea? How will you fund your product or service? Will you need a website or blog? What will your budget look like if you have a budget at all? Do you have the time, drive and energy to make your idea come to life?

First Things First: Don’t leave the gate too soon and don’t leave the gate too late, what do I mean by that you ask? You can jump the gun and put your idea, product or service out there too fast without the correct preparation and get blasted out of the water immediately or you can wait too late and miss the bus.

My Suggestion: Take your time, come up with a plan, check your budget and time constraints. There’s nothing worse than jumping out there totally unprepared and to have people wanting to purchase and you have to tell them to wait. Think about that for a minute, wait in this fast-paced climate? Yeah right.

In closing, I strongly suggest before you pull the trigger on any project that you consult with the right people, it doesn’t have to be me just as long as it’s somebody who know’s the game.

If you’re interested in working with my small dedicated team please feel free to

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We promise not to slam you with sales talk however we do have the patience to be able to listen to your campaign needs and to give you a free consultation.

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