Reciprocal Marketing For Beginners

I hope I’m wrong but in my online travels, it seems like beginners are being taught by some online vets that it’s alright to take a take, take, take the attitude to online marketing, that it’s alright to expect to have your hand out in a give me, give me, give me posture.

The truth of the matter is that I teach beginners that we all should be in a giving or helping posture at all times because you can ask any of these online so-called Gurus who prospers more, the person who has no problem liking and sharing a post you like or a post that has helped you in some way or the kind of marketer who is all for themself.

The network marketing game thrives on people who share not the people who are selfish. It’s called social media marketing for a reason and reciprocal marketing simply means one hand washes the other. These new social media algorithms activate and work off liking and sharing other people’s stuff.

You can’t play the lone ranger game with online marketing, you need a team, tribe, and helpers, in order to allow the Google Spiders to index you on these social media sites, long gone, are the days when you could get indexed by the Google Spiders from the social media sites.

You have to be active on these sites and power sites like LinkedIn will reward you when you’re an active participant, no more just posting and chillin thinking that’ll be good enough.

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