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Thousands of Boomers, who put their eggs in one basket, are reeling from the effects and will be for the rest of their lives. Many have lost their hard-earned retirement savings due to market volatility, fees and taxes. 


The Gen Xers experience with investing has been largely negative facing loads of student loan debt, inflated lifestyle expenses and shaky employment.  Although, we witnessed the longest bull market in history between 2009-2019, not many of us had enough money invested enough to take advantage of it.  And those of us with 401(k) can’t touch the money until age 60. 


Discover how to use your income to fund each and every goal you have between now and retirement while also protecting your future and your legacy.  

Are you looking for a seasoned financial professional who can help you to establish investments and assist you managing your portfolio when life gets hectic. For over 18 years, DaVett Jones has specialized in Financial Plan development and implementation for the High Net Worth and Affluent.


If you are a Wealth Savvy Individual who wants to optimize their investment dollars for Retirement, College Savings, Business Funding and Building Generational Wealth, we welcome you to schedule a consultation to create your Life Vision Solutions.

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DaVett is also a Featured Financial Guest Speaker and Author


Who Taught You How To Be Broke?: ~An Easy To Understand Wealth Building Guide for Gen X, Y & Z 

What if everything you thought was true about money turned out not to be true, when would you want to know?


Who Taught You How To Be Broke is an easy to understand wealth building guide for Gen X, Y & Z. It addresses the money mindset, changing economies, taxes and bad marketing have all effected your ability, or inability to build wealth. 

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